limited wireless connections

Oh Thank you thank you. After reading here (I'm a new member) I see Im
not alone.
PROBLEM: I can't connect to more than two of my computers at a time.
I have two XP and two Vista - it would be interesting if I had a third
Xp to see if I can connect to three (xp) at a time . . . bet I could.
I've never had a problem connecting my two XP computers wireless but
maybe i was just lucky. (or maybe what I hear about Vista is true)

I'm using W54G, WPA2, all new updates, DHCP (and tried IP as well).
Simple home wireless network. I set and reset up "home network" via USB
and manually. All units see each other and I turned all firewalls
-*off.*- All units connect well, but only two at a time can go to
(broadband) internet. ie, all 4 connect to my wireless connection but
broadband has to be disconnected from at least one of two computers
before another (third) computer can connect. I can ping the 54G from
anywhere. Please don't suggest I ping otherwise, that has only served
to confuse me (people say ping yahoo or the modem - it tells me nothing)

Why does more than one computer (other than the base unit) have to
connect to broadband anyway if it is connected to the router? I thought
the router split the signal 4-ways and only the base unit should be
connected to broadband? If so, I thought that when I purchase
broadband, that only one subscriber (hence one computer) can use it, not

And therefor, I can find no way in the world to just connect to my
wireless connection and by-pass/disable the broadband on other than the
base unit - am I doing something inherantly wrong? I can't find any
info anywhere that describes this but again, I reiterate: my thinking is
that the base computer connects to broadband account and the router
splits this into 4 and the other computers just have to connect to the
W54G, not to broadband.

So many questions in this new Vista wireless networking world. Thx in
advance for your guidance. signed, CIC "confused in china"