Re: Vista 64-bit error 8020

I'm using a Prolific USB to serial cable to interface with a front door
call box. (A directory of residents in a multiple).
This thing (the call box) isn't exactly new technology, although the
box is brand new. Here's the thing...when I test the connection
everything appears to be fine but when I ask the software, (Tricomm) to
access the database or just communicate with the box I receive "Runtime
error 8020..error reading comm device."

A different laptop (not mine) running windows xp sp3 which actually has
a serial port (I only have USB, hence the converter) connects and
functions just fine.

I downloaded the latest drivers for the converter after emailing the
manufacturer but I receive the same error message.Is the problem most
likely the 64 bit operating system, the converter ( model
UR-2000M2), a bad serial cable (connected to the converter) or Vista
itself? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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