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Ok, so i have a Samsung SH-S223Q Drive. It was working fine for a
while, then suddenly it won't read any cd's or dvd's. Basically what
happens is, i insert a cd and the drive disappears from my computer and
device manager. I can scan for system changes and the drive shows back
up, but if i try to run the cd it disappears again. Haven't been able
to find the same problem on here after searching. Found similar
problems but none of the those fixes seem to work.

I noticed, after going to 'Welcome to Samsung Electronics ODD Division'
( that i am running the SB00 firmware, and
SB03 is currently available. But when i try and use their "One Click
Firmware Upgrade Method" it downloads, begins to run, and while
attempting to download the latest firmware it says "download failed" and
reboots my computer. it has done this a number of times and i contacted
their support and have recieved no response. not to mention i'm not
even sure if this will fix the problem. i am just assuming that maybe
there is some compatibility issue with Firmware version SB00 and Vista.

I am currently running Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit, AMD Phenom
9950 Quad Core 2.6, w/ 8GB of ram. And like i said before it is a
Samsung SH-S223Q. If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly
appreciated, and if there is a discusion about this already, please
provide a link, but like i said, after searching i couldn't find one
that matched my specific problem.

Thank you.