Re: Device Manager auto-search internet & download/install

I would use # 2.

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Bob -- Agreed that we download the latest driver install package from the OEM website.

What I'm asking is which technique do you prefer :

1. using Device Manager to Update Driver Software and then Browse to the folder of the driver package downloaded from the OEM website

2. if an .exe installer is provided in the OEM install package, then run it directly and let it handle everything for you

There is a difference.

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John - I think I already answered your question.

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Ok, so once I've downloaded the latest OEM driver install package ...

Do you recommend using the driver install package that the OEM supplies ?

Or do you recommend using Computer Management > Device Manager to update the driver ?

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Never update drivers via the generic automatic updates. They are often outdated.

Update drivers on your OEM's or device manufacturer's website.

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When using Computer Management > Device Manager :

Generally speaking is it a good idea to let it automatically search the internet for the latest device driver , download it , and install it ?

How well does this technology work ?