Re: trouble installing second dvd drive

Tae Song

Thanks. I know nothing about Dell's motherboards. Was just an educated guess since this type of post has happened many times before


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the motherboard is a dell inspiron 531 and all cables are working
(power and data) and both drives are fine.

i havent got the manual for the motherboard.

i am goin to look in the bios for an option i have heard about - sata
1+2 being disabled. hopefully this will solve it.

Manuals for Dell Inspiron 531

Double check the SATA connections. They can slide off easily unless they have the clips. And make sure they're lined up correctly. SATA connectors aren't very reliable. I have 4 SATA hard drives (3 for RAID, 1 for backup), a SATA DVD-RAM and 1 SATA ramdisk drive and had problems getting them all recognized cause they weren't completely inserted properly. I stick my hand in to push one in and end up loosening another. Really annoying.