Re: Can I use my internal and external speakers at the same time?

Here's how I did it on my computer. I use Vista home SP1 It took me a
while to figure this out....
1) Make sure your computer recognizes the external speaker and internal
speaker as separate devices, so on your volume sound panel, there should
be two playback devices. If your current driver recognizes only one,
uninstall the device driver from the device manager and make sure to
check off the uninstall software driver box as well. By default the
sound driver should revert back to the provided vista driver. My
devices were recognized separately afterwards, and hopefully it will
work for you.

2) Now two are recognized, you can use another program called 'virtual
audio cable' in which it creates a virtual line 1 audio device. There
is a trial version available. You can use the virtual line 1 output,
and have it simultaneously connect to your laptop and external
speakers. You will also need to go into your media player options to
use the virtual line 1 audio output.