Re: Problem with NVIDIA Ge Force Go 7900 GS

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Hi all
Ever since I did a Windows update back in July, my video card has been acting up. While I'm using the computer the image on the screen starts breaking up, then I get a black screen. I have to force the computer for a shut down. After so many re starts I get a message saying " Display Driver Stopped working and has recovered.
I can use the computer for a little while, and then I get the same problem again. I took my computer to fix when I started experiencing this problem. All they did was clean the fan they said the video cards was good.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P105-S9339 bought in June 2007
Windows Vista Ultimate SP2
4 GB Ram 32 bit
Internet Explorer 7
I know a few people here had the same problem. Did someone found the fix for it?

It sounds like the video chip is overheating. Try cleaning out the vents.