Re: VISTA64 and Epson Stylus NX515 printer

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I downloaded GIMP and installed fine under VISTA ^$. I opened it and did a
lot of looking, but CANNOT find where one selects the print size, like 4x6,
3.5x5, etc.
Can you didrect me and I will try.


Check to see if GIMP has print options. The program I use gives me tons of options when I click the print button.

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"nomore" <fac_187@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I suspect that the printer driver is seeing that one of your 4 images is
sized for the entire sheet of paper.
I do not believe the applets you list allow you to resize the overall
image correctly but I would pursue that direction.
If you are unable to obtain a commercial image processing program which
allows for what you want to do you may want to try the Windows version of