Re: How do i backup my files if my USB ports won't work

Richard Urban wrote:
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Hello. I am having serious issues with my laptop. A couple of months ago
(around April) the hardrive of my HP Pavillion DV 9000 completely
crashed and my father replaced it for me. But I'm having serious issues
-I can't burn c.d.s and I can't watch dvds
-I can't turn on my webcam
-The USB ports have completely stopped working.

I would like to backup my data before I get a new computer. I bought an
external hard drive to take a picture of a computer as it is now, but,
of course, it didn't work because none of my usb ports will not work. I
don't know what to do. Is there another way to save all my data without
using the usb ports of the cd drive?

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Take the drive out of the laptop and install it in an external enclosure. Then connect it up to a well functioning computer so you can get at your files.

Good advice.

You will probably need an adapter for your laptop harddrive

but they are only a few dollars