Re: ATI Sapphire 4850 1GB HDMI

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Hi All,
I re-start a much debated topic - no audio via HDMI to TV...
i have a Windows Vista/32, and m2n-e Asus mobo (with integrated audio
7.1 in it)
as i plugged the VC and installed the 9.9 catalyst drivers i noticed in
device manager that there are unrecognized devices (2). i'm not sure why
the auto detect hardware option of the catalyst installer does not
detect the on-board audio of the VC and does not install the HD audio
driver :(. I tried to install it manually but (being not an expert) all
AA01, AAxx (do not know what are these for but i tried them all) do not
want to start.
Still video is ok it is only the audio that does not got through the
hdmi port. for me the main reason is the ATI HD audio driver does not
as soon as i see it installed and active i know that i should visit the
playback devices and set the hdmi one as default.

if anyone has confronted this kind of issue please share your

thanks and cheers.


Google ATI HDMI DRIVER and what do you find...

Operating system = Windows XP