Re: Fax modem not transmitting voice signal

Dominic Payer wrote:

You need a program to act as a telephone handset if you want Windows to process your voice calls and not just dial them.

On 04/10/2009 01:30, Dave T. wrote:
Hi group.
My machine is Vista Home Premium SP2. It came with a CXT PCI Soft Data
Fax Modem installed, and Realtek High Definition Audio.
My question is this; Shouldn't this modem be able to transmit voice
signals over an analog phone line? When I connect my phone line to the
RJ11 connector of the modem I am able to use windows phone dialer to
dial out, make a connection, and I can hear the party on the other end,
but they can't hear me. I have tested the microphone by recording my
voice on windows sound recorder, so I know it works. What am I missing?

Dave T.

Thanks Dominic, I guess that's what I'm missing. I've done this on other machines in the past with no problem, but that was then. Thanks again.

Dave T.