RE: PLease help with sataII hdd drive install

It was the boot files, i recloned and put in the boot filesand it runs fine
now, thank you very much indeed, all of you :D

"joe" wrote:

Hi all,

Just brought a 1tb hdd samsung for my dell inspiron. I replaced my original
wd 250gb hdd port space with this one (on serial 0) in my inspiron 530 and
stuck the original 250gb hdd on another spare port.(serial 4) I ghosted an
image of the original hdd onto the samsung using norton ghost 14.

However when i boot the pc back up the primary hdd is always the original wd
250gb hdd and the samsung is allocated another drive letter and is not
running the os even though all files appear to be installed.

When i disconnected the original hdd wd 250gb and just try to boot the new
samsung 1tb it wont boot and says the disk is not bootable when i try to
physically boot it. Which i guess is why the other disk normally boots up

When i ghosted the hdd i selected it to be an active boot disk. There were
also no jump/switches on the new hdd so there was nothing i can set manually
on the hdd.

Can anyone help. I just want the 1tb disk to be my primary drive which boots.


i tried Hard Drive Diagnostics in the boot options but this doesnt load. I
also went to disk management in vista and it does list my samsung 1tb hdd as
the primary active partition.

I run the vista recover cd and that detects no problem with the vista os on
that drive yet it simply doesn't boot.

Its very frustrating, any help is greatly appreciated.