Re: How do I access info on 2nd drive thats not being recognized?

Hi, oduinn.

When we move a previously-formatted HDD to a different computer, Windows may have trouble recognizing the HDD and the partitions on it. To Vista, now that you've installed it on your new 1 TB HDD, it's a "new computer" and your 149 GB HDD is a "foreign disk", which must be "imported" so that your "new computer" can recognize it and work with it.

The Help file for Disk Management says:
"On the new computer, open Disk Management. Click Action and then click Rescan Disks. Right-click any disk marked Foreign, click Import Foreign Disks, and then follow the instructions on your screen."

Try Rescan Disks and see if it sees your 149 GB HDD as a "foreign disk".

It you need help to go from there, please post back. In any case, please post back and let us know how it goes.

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"oduinn" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3280ccf85cb2925431a5d77bdcf0f32f@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I've been reading up on why Vista 64 won't recognize my SATA 2nd drive.
(I'm new to all this and trying to figure it out as I go...)

I've read that I need to format the drive in 'Computer Management',
however, I'm not wishing to format it, I'm wishing to get the info from

Computer Management shows -
Disk 1 (C:) 935 GB NTFS
Disk 2 149 GB Unallocated

Previously, when I bought this computer, it had 2 HDD, both the 149 in
SATA. One went bad so I bought the 1TB thinking I'd be better off. Had
to buy a new Vista 64 bit, but since then I can't figure out how to
access the other disk.

Thanks in advance!



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