Re: DVD drive not working/missing

hatepcs <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

ok so i had not used my dvd drive in a while (oh yea it's a hp dv6824)
and the other day i tried to open it and it would open so i used a
paper clip and opened
closed it back . No response
so i restarted the machine , my drive no longer appears in my computer
or device manager, so after a few days of doing just about everything i
could think of including restoring to factory state, nothing worked the
drive would function while the machine booted but as it loaded vista it
stoped functioning instantly. i did the registry fix for the upper and
lower fix (itunes issues) nothing still
After getting throughly frustrated i removed the drive put it back and
still nothing
so i did a bios flash back to an older bios and magically it started
working again then i went to sleep and so did the machine
upon the machine resume it all disappeared again i tried the bios flash
once more to no avail


Buy a new drive