Re: Slow keyboard after upgrade to Vista/IE8


My Dell Studio 1555 (vista x64) has the same issue - brand new
computer. I have had it since June and it has not worked YET! The
keyboard buffer seems to be slow and half the time I hit a key, it
doesn't display the key (makes for hell with passwords). Do you have
problems with cut and paste, as well? I noticed that I cannot cut and
paste - buffer problems - it doesn't copy to the buffer, or it hangs on
the paste (force reboot - even task manager won't kill it).

Dell is now (changed their story) telling me that I have malware (a
catch-all,I think). I'm running yet another AV scan with yet another
product (#3) and haven't found anything yet - and don't think I will - I
manage a cyber forensics team for a living (not computer repair), so not
likely (though I'm running my toolkit against it - nothing yet).

Now, my computer started blue-screening - when I touch it (move it - it
is a laptop!). And, it blue screens every time I use it.

I'm trying to figure out if this is hardware or software. I'm guessing
(only guessing) that it might have something to do with
memory/motherboard (since Dell has replaced my keyboard and hard drive).