Re: Xbox Live Vision Camera

If it never worked even in Windows XP I'd assume the camera is faulty.

"DRCL" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:c46e7082db41bc5d8b043aca870d98dd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well, when I had XP I never actually got the cam to work completely, but
it did show up on Messenger as a working camera, but it froze the
program when I tried to use it..

I tried installing it on Vista and have looked for solutions, but it
won't work with anything.
I have used guides to make it work, but I don't come up with the same
When I go to the device manager it has something about Microsoft
Security --- but nothing about the actual vision cam as I read in some

So, if anyone can give me a guide on how to actually make this work,
that'd be great.




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