Re: How to turn off Speedstep?

I was having a speed step issue on my Dell laptop. The AC charger is no
longer identifying itself to the computer... it's probably a broken
1-Wire DS2501 id chip as described in

Anyway, my laptop was running like crap, so I tried turning up the
minimums to 100% on Vista, but it didn't seem to help. I tried
installing RMClock and it reported that the cpu was running at 0.8Ghz
instead of 1.4Ghz (T5270). I tried using the high performance settings
on RMClock, but it didn't seem to help. Anyway, I checked out the BIOS
and noticed that in the info section it said:
Maximum CPU Frequency: 1.4Ghz
Minimum CPU Frequency: 1.2Ghz
Current CPU Frequency: 1.05Ghz clearly something was still off.

Anyway, I ignored the 'defaults to minimum' warning and turned off
speedstep in the bios. When I turned Vista and RMClock back on, it now
reports 1.40Ghz and everything is running smoothly again.