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Thanks for your help. I'll do some more looking.

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A USB modem would do the job well and you would not need to open the case.

Many modems, though not all, come with some basic fax software, but the point of sale documentation often does not mention it. As long as there are drivers for the modem any Vista compatible software, usually 32-bit - I know of no 64-bit fax software - will work. There are a number of free fax programs available for download if the modem you choose does not include any. Google for "free fax software for vista".

Drivers for many modems are included with Vista. If you are not sure whether a modem will work with x64 Vista you will need to find which chipset it uses to confirm that x64 drivers for that chipset are available.

On 25/08/2009 19:28, William J. Lunsford wrote:
I'm looking for a PCI or PCIe fax modem with basic fax software that
will work with 64-bit Vista Home Premium. I just need a modem and basic
software for sending and receiving an occasional fax. I've done some
searching, but have found little information regarding software included
with modems.



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