Re: MCE wont find channels when my OTA tuner is part of the tuners, why? Can I manually..

I don't understand what you think you are getting when you configure manually since the HDHR and the Aver ATSC tuner only receive digital channels.
What are the Analog channel numbers that you believe you are receiving using the manual configuration from the HDHR and ATSC tuner?
Are you using an antenna or cable to receive the digital channels?

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Hey, I just installed the Windows 7 RTM build from Technet. I also just
purchased an AverTV Combo M780 Tuner (for the analog and OTA). I already
had a HDHomeRun which gave me 2 ATSC Digital signals.

But I'm having trouble configuring all the tuners in Media Center... I
can get the Analog working fine, and the 2 HDHomeRun tuners.... Although
the MCE only detects HD signals from HDHomeRun if I AUTOMATICALLY setup
the TV Signal. But if I select automatic, it doesn't configure my
Digital tuner from my AverTV M780 (says AverTV Tuner 2 detected, but
will not be configured.. why?). If I manually configure my TV signal, it
uses all 3 tuners, but only finds analog channels. No digital channels
can be found.

Whats the best way to add all my tuners? Can I just do automatic, and
manually add OTA channels even though it didn't configure the ota

If I select automatic TV Tuner Configuration:
-Finds Analog Channels
-Finds 4/30 Digital Channels

If I select manual TV Tuner ConfigutatioN:
-Finds Analog Channels
-Says it uses all 4 tuners (1 analog, 2 HDHomeRun Tuners, 1 AverTV ATSC



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