Re: Mobo swap p35>p45

Cari (MS-MVP) wrote:
Having had some experience with this, swapping a single core AMD CPU for a quad core Intel CPU, I literally just switched out hardware, turned the PC back on and let Windows Vista cope with the changes. It takes a while for it to go to Windows Update and try to find the correct drivers (If not, you've always got the CD from the motherboard manufacturer).... and after 10 minutes or so, it asked to reboot.

Yup, that's been my experience as well. I've done three swaps in the past year while running Vista and never had to reinstall. The last one was to an I7-920 board and it took Vista less than five minutes to sort itself out. I then did the telephone re-activation, removed the old drivers for the previous board, and everything has ran fine since. Unlike previous Windows versions, Vista is very good at this. Of course one should keep in mind that if your present system is not running well and you're getting lots of BSOD's (I've never had one with Vista) then a board swap without reinstalling may very well carry over all the old problems too.

Everything worked. I believe it did ask to reactive, which went through online without a hitch, but I'm not using OEM software, everything is retail. You may find your OEM Windows is tied to your current motherboard's BIOS, in which case, it will NOT activate... it may not even start.