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Very interesting, however, I found nothing in the links to indicate that not using Partition boundaries could consume 10GB of disk space on a 160GB disk with either XP or Vista and it appears that with a newly formatted NTFS disk in Win7 and also possibly in Vista would have a problem.
I did learn that starting a partition not on a boundary could cause performance problems in XP and also possibly in Vsita.

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Proper partition alignment is important for good disk performance. It is not usually an issue when partitions are created on a clean disk. However, there are circumstances under which it can be an issue. E.G., if a partition is converted from FAT to NTFS, and depending on the parameters chosen, a partition is created which crosses a boundary. The result is that a file might be allocated storage on space that is divided by the boundary. The result is an increase in the overhead for each read or write operation.

Also, proper choices are important when creating data structures on solid-state disks.

This is probably not the place for a an extended, deep discussion of underlying concepts and methods. So let me refer you to something to give you a taste of one dimension of the topic

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I interpreted the OP's post to mean that the had a 160GB HDD with 10GB unallocated and not a 160MB HDD with 10MB unallocated
Also I have always been under the impression that the space for reserved restore points did not show up as allocated on a HDD partition.
Also I have never heard of "Aligning Partitions" before nor could I find any information about it using Bing

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I thought the space might be the space reserved by the OS for restore points.

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Hi JamesJ,

It's a leftover bit from aligning the partition, quite normal.

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I have a 160mb internal hard drive with 1 partition (ntfs). Vista sp2.
When viewing drive info 3rd party software is showing the used space and also 10mb of unallocated space.
Anyone know what this unallocated space is?


10GB maybe, but not 10MB.