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Hi, Natéag.

Well, as usual, it depends. :^}

To quote a reply by Morgan.Che, MSFT, Moderator of the File Services and Storage forum in TechNet:

Based on my research, for NTFS "The maximum partition size is 2TB. NTFS actually has an upper limit of 16 Exabyte (quintillion bytes, or 16 million TB), but since current industry standard limits the Partition Tables to 2 to the 32nd power sectors (with 512B sectors, that's 2 TB), the actual current upper limit is 2 TB.

However, as for GPT partition, NTRS can support 256T.

Since few of us are into GPT partitions, I'll assume you mean using NTFS on the typical MBR HDD, so the practical answer to your question is 2 TB. So your 1 GB partition should be fine.

Note that this is the maximum size of a PARTITION. A single HDD can have multiple (at least 4) partitions, so the limit for a physical disk is many (at least 8) TB, even within the limits imposed by Vista x86 and NTFS. And a "drive" letter always refers to a single volume (primary partition or logical drive in an extended partition), not to an entire HDD.

For anyone who really wants to pursue this subject further, this FAQ pre-dates Vista and gets pretty technical, but it is still interesting - and eye-opening:
Windows and GPT FAQ

The Help file in Vista's Disk Management also discusses much of this.

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I now have a single partition, and this time there does not
seem to be any problem.

I hhope that is still true after a reboot.

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What is the maximum size that can be installed on
a computer with Vista 32-bit ?

I had to partition my 1.0 TB drive before it was
recognized by Vista. I will gladly delete that
second partition if the whole HDD can be used
with a single enlarged partition.