Re: Slave drive problems

If you have 2 IDE drives one configured as a master and one configured as a slave and they are not working on one of your MOBO connectors does your MOBO also have a second IDE connector you can try?
Have you tried only one drive at a time configured as a master?
You can not have 2 slave drives on the same IDE connector.

"Graham Hall" <> wrote in message news:u06lOZPIKHA.4432@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have bought a new system with Vista Home Premium and I am trying to install an IDE hard drive as a slave. These are from my old system and I just want them installed so I can copy across stuff.

I have done this in XP with no problem but I cannot seem to get this system to see them.

If they do not show up in Bios does this mean Vista wont see them? I have tried varies jumper settings but my Bios just wont see either of my drives.

My new system has a Sata HD installed so I am just connecting my slave IDE HD to the empty IDE connector on the Mobo.

Can someone please help?