Re: Firewire (IEEE 1394) not working

After wasting much time browsing the many forums, trying the proposed
fixes and buying a new firewire cable I have just discovered why my Sony
TRV80E was not being recognised by Windows XP, SP3.
In a flash of inspiration I had a look at the IEE1394 connector on the
camera. To my surprise I noticed that one of the pins was bent out of
position. I carefully eased it back using a very fine watchmakers
screwdriver and, lo and behold, it works again.
Having tried a friends Sony camcorder and found that that worked OK I
was starting to believe that the interface electronics on the camera had
been damaged by hot plugging.
To all those people who think they've fried the electronics, look at
the connector! The bent pin is fairly obvious although I had to use a
magnifying glass to see it clearly. Carefully ease it back into place
but be careful.
Good luck!

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