Re: RAID Drivers

Is this the Intel DX58SO MoBo? If so, I seems like a great choice.

The RAID drivers are here: XP Professional*&lang=eng

Short version:

Probably, the exe from the site is the RAID utility you can install and use after the OS in installed. The contents of the appropriate Zip file are used to create a floppy. Use the floppy to add the drivers during the OS installation.

You say you have an exe. What is it called? What is the source? Did it come with the MoBo on a CD or DVD? Possibly, when run, the exe will ask you to insert a floppy and create the floppy for f6-use. In that case, it probably has the same content as the zip files from the www site. Or it might be the same as the exe from the site - just the RAID utility. Or it might be a self-extracting archive that contains both the f6 files and the RAID utility. Do you have a MoBo manual ? Does it contain information about that?

I'm not sure what you mean by "but i cannot get the xp cd to boot in my hdd" [Sic]. Possibly you mean the HD is not being recognized.

You have to enter the BIOS setup and make sure the boot order is set to be DVD/CD, HD as first and second. The HDs will not be recognized until they are properly set up.

To do that, enter the BIOS setup and set the HDs to RAID rather than IDE. Reboot the computer. Enter the RAID setup menu. Set to RAID 0 or 1. If you don't know which to use, read up on RAID configurations.

Put the XP CD in the drive and boot from the CD. With an array with such a large capacity, you will probably want to partition the RAID into more than one partition. Read up on partitions and logical drives if you are unsure. Do check with forums/newsgroups as desired.

In short, you have many choices as to what software/tools to use to do that. The XP CD does have some basic utilities that allow you to create a usable, efficient basic setup.

After the array is prepared, install XP. During setup, you will be asked if you want to install drivers. Choose to do that. You will be asked to insert the floppy (the one you created earlier) by pressing f6. Do that and follow the on-screen prompts.

No matter what, the good news is no matter how badly the first attempts might get fouled up, you can wipe the drives and do it over. No harm done.

Best of luck. Do let us know.

Tom Ferguson

"Messy" <Messy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:DCF4FFBC-4067-4EDF-BFB3-4977AB787879@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hii guys ... i've an i7 nd dx58so ... 2*1 tb hdd... i wanted to put the hdd
in raid ... but i cannot get the xp cd to boot in my hdd... it is givin a
boot load error ... wat shud i do now... i tried gettin raid drivers but i
got only an exe file ... hw do i integrate it to the xp cd.. please do reply


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