Hi, Forest.

On the RARE occasion when you MUST post the same question to more than one newsgroup, please crosspost, don't multipost.

That means, do not send identical messages to the multiple groups. Just compose a single message, then put both (all?) the newsgroup names into the "Newsgroups" box in the Compose window. This way, your single message will show up in each of those newsgroups, but when I've read it in one, it will be marked "Read" - for me - in all of them, so I won't be reading it over and over.

The payoff for you is that all the responses from all the newsgroups well appear as a single coherent thread, and the whole thread will be in each of those newsgroups; you won't have to check each of them for responses. ;<)

Remember: Don't multipost. Crosspost.

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"Forest" <fabarker@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:C0628211-66BC-4D0D-BE3D-50561491176F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
What is the stop code 124. one place says its a hardware issue for the sound card, the other says it's for the video card. where do, and how do i use a debugging software to figure this out.