Re: Vista fails switching default device when HDMI is plug/unplug

I do not know what the actual cause is of all of your problems,
But is important to realize that your display cable is connected to a connector on your graphics card which is why Vista has no real idea of what is happening. It is your graphics card that accepts the video content from Vista and processes it as necessary to send to your display based on the settings you have set for your graphics card. with it's driver.

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I see, however I'm still confused.
Vista uses TMM to detect when a external device is connected.
TMM then calls the driver to set up the proper display profile... so how can possibly Vista not know what the Gfx is doing? Vista detect the HDMI device in first place.
From my tests, EDID is read ok each time and the monitor is properly identified also.
Also, if the HDMI's EDID wouldn't indicate sound support then it would always fail. How come it sometimes work ok? it is after testing 4 or 5 times that the switching fails.
Also, I've tested over 12 different HDMI monitors, I doubt they all have the same EDID problem and -of course- they all support audio.


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Vista does not make the decision on incorporating sound from your graphics card over it's HDMI interface. Your graphic card drivers make this decision based on how you have your graphics card and it's cable configured with it's current drivers and on what EDID information it receives from the destination HDMI interface. The EDID information from the destination HDMI interface may state that it only accepts video over HDMI for example.
Since Vista itself does not know AFAIK what your graphics card is doing it does not know when to shift audio from the graphics card output to internal audio connections.

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I've have a big number of systems (several brand/models/configurations) but they all have this problem.
We use Vista 64bit.
When a HDMI monitor is connected, the sound should automatically select HDMI as default device
When the HDMI monitos is disconnected, the sound should automatically select the system's internal audio device
But this doesn't happen, sometimes it fails when selecting the HDMI monitor audio as default, sometimes it works ok but fails to return to the system's internal audio when the HDMI monitor is disconnected.
Sometimes it works ok once, but if we repeat the test several times, after 4 or 5 times it fails.

We have lots of customers complaining for this.

As I said, this happens in many different platforms: desktops, laptops, with Nvidia Gfx, with ATI Gfx, with several HDMI monitor brands/models
Also we tested with:
Vista in-the-box audio drivers
Latest Gfx vendor's drivers: i.e. ATI, Nvidia
Previous Gfx vendor drivers (previous versions from ATI, Nvidia)
Realtek HD drivers (realtek makes drivers for ATI and offers them separately)

They ALL fail. Basically I haven't found a system that doesn't show the problem

Any idea what's going on? any solution known?