Re: Memory Problem

Do you have a matched pair of 2GB modules?

"Clayton" <claytonbNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eEngiHhHKHA.3708@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have a ASUS P5B-PLUS Motherboard and have installed 2 x 2GB DDR-2 800MHz modules in it and the BIOS only showed as having 3GB installed so I updated to the latest BIOS version and remapped the memory in the BIOS and now the BIOS is showing all 4GB, but after installing Windows 7 32-Bit it shows in system properties as 4GB installed but only 2GB usable.

The motherboard is a couple of years old now and was wonder if installing 2GB modules is the problem, I'll try to get a hold of 4 x 1GB modules and see what shows up