Re: Cnnot power on after a hibernation....

Hi, Curious.

I was amazed to learn about that (momentary press of power button is equivalent to Start | Shut Down) by reading messages here a few months ago. And I've discovered another use for the power button since then - almost by accident.

When I come back into my computer room after an absence of a half-hour or more, my screen is usually black. Moving the mouse or using the keyboard usually brings it back to life. But sometimes, especially after a much longer absence, neither the keyboard nor the mouse has any effect. The hard drive light doesn't blink, but the power button green led is pulsing slowly. I soon learned that the Reset button works - but at the cost of a restart, meaning that I lose whatever was not backed up before the sleep or hibernation or whatever that state was.

One day I pressed the power button, rather than the Reset. Just momentarily; I didn't hold it in for more than a second. Lo and behold! The computer sputtered a little, the screen lit up - and I was right back where I had left it. ;<)

Maybe that's documented somewhere, but I overlooked it if it is. I'm glad to have discovered this and I hope it will work for you, too. Please report back if you try it.

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Well I learn something every day and control panel option works exactly as you describe on my system. I just had never noticed it before.
Thank you for pointing it out to me.

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That is what it's designed to do (depending on if your BIOS is set up that way, most are by default), but if you press it and release immediately, it will perform the function you specify in the power settings applet in control panel.


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Interesting on any of my computers if I push and hold the power button on the front of the computer for about 5 seconds it completely shuts down and therefore completely interrupts any running process and the next time I boot I get an F8 dialog stating that my computer shutdown abnormally.
From your comment apparently there is a way using to use the button on the front of the computer to emulate selecting the shutdown choice menu available from the start menu. which I am not aware of.

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So did I


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By power button I mean the on/off power button/switch on the front of the computer and not the Icon on the startup menu.

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Says who? Using the power button to suspend, hibernate, or shutdown a computer is perfectly acceptable behavior. That's why there are setting which let you set what the power button does.


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Unplug the computer and try plugging it back in again after a few minutes.
You should never use the power button to try and put a computer into hibernation or sleep mode you use the start button to select the shutdown mode.
If appears that the computer was shutoff by using the on/off button and may not be able to recover from the unscheduled shutdown.
Try an F8 safe mode boot if a normal mode boot does not work.

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i have an hp laptop running vista home premium. Well my girl hit the
power button to put it into hibernation, she said it didnt do anything.
Then she went to the start menu and put it into hibernate from there.
Well, now the pc will not power on, it is showing no signs of power
whatsoever. The onlt sign of power to the machine is the little light
around the AC input jac is lit up when its plugged in. PLEASE help so
much info on it.

Thanks in Advance