Re: Hard Drive Failure after Sleep

How do you know your hard drive has failed? What diagnostics have you run to check hard drive, memory, video card, etc?

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Hey guys,

I have a hardware issue which I'm unsure how to proceed. I would
appreciate any opinions on the matter. Thanks.

Comp Info:
Vista Home x64, auto-update for critical, OEM
ATI Video Card (regarding Sleep)

Event Flow:
1. Put computer to sleep. (iffy - sometimes resets resolution, 1-2
times caused harmless BSOD)
2. On wake up, computer shows distorted image and then BSODs.
3. resets to bios, but doesn't complete the bios progressbar (not sure
if this is for POST)
4. Hard Drive(s) start to click.

I may be wrong, but seems like a simple case of hard drive failure, but
it was directly caused by Vista, which has been known to have problems
with Sleep. I don't remember checking/signing any Vista-hardware
liability waiver, so is Microsoft liable for the hard drive failure
since the risk was not eliminated by a critical update?