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I just finished putting a computer together today, and every time I try
to turn it on I get the error message "No hard disk found". Its a new HD
and so I've gone through and tried adjusting and trying different things
in bios but I just get the same message. Part of what I dont get is that
in Bios theres an option to change the boot order of the drives and in
that section there it is "WD blah blah 640" ect... yet when I try and
boot it still claims to not find it. I've tried moving around which
SATA slot its in and messed with cables and everything. So then I
thought well maybe the HD is bad so I plugged in my old HD which I know
works with my old setup and I still get the same message. Maybe Im
missing something but every post Ive read so far on the topic has not
helped. Some talk about editing bios settings that I don't have and
others recommend running disk checks and programs and stuff that I can't
do because I have not installed my OS yet (because I cant get it to
recognize my disk). Im really stuck here anything I could try would

- Thanks

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If you plugged in a known working hard drive (as you stated in the post) and it now doesn't work, I would suspect a definite hardware issue. After restoring the bios settings to what they were before the drive swap, ensure that all cables to the hard drive are firmly seated (both ends on the data cable.) If this doesn't fix the problem, try a new cable to the motherboard. If still, use a different power supply cable to the drive.

Can you actually hear the drive spinning up when you power up the machine?