Re: Internal Card Reader Drives Disappear

I too would be most interested in any solution to this particuler issue.
I also am running Vista (HE Premium 32bit, SP2) on a Dell Inspiron
530s, with the TEAC CA 200 internal multi card reader. The reader was
working perfectly until after a few auto updates then it has stopped
functioning!!!! The device manager is telling me that the device is
present but it will not start (Code 10). I have updated the firmware
from teac support website, but all to no avail!!
I have a 2nd Dell Inspiron 530s with the same card reader, but running
with Win XP SP2, and have *no problems* with the reader on this unit at

All the drive letters on the Vista unit for the multi card reader have
disappeared and I am struggling to find out how to get it all to work
again. Have been scouring all forums and even the Microsoft support I'm here!!

I'm prepared to post screen grabs of any relevant device manager
settings if required for diagnosis.

Look forward to any helpful responses.