Re: DVD-RW drive question

CPU speed may be secondary. Try option 1. If you don't enter a product key you will have 30 days before you have to activate. Use the system with option 1 for a few days. Then try option 2, again without entering a product key. Then pick the configuration you liked best or go to option 3.

Your advice was excellent. I installed the nVidia Series 9 cheapo forty dollar video card and Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit Edition at pretty much the same time. That Windows Vista is a wonder and it picked up on the onboard audio and wireless networking card immediately. I did enter the serial number because it asked for it and then Vista activated itself in about five seconds.

The Windows Experience Index reads like this

Processor 4.1
Memory 5.4
Graphics 4.1
Gaming Graphics 5.0
Primary Hard Disk 5.9

That is more than enough for the relative lightweight stuff that I do which is mainly internet, Money, Office, and movies using the Windows Media Player as the movie viewer.

I still have some issue with the DVD-RW drive. When I put in a DVD or CD the operating system freaks. Since the operating system is brand new and I could not has possibly gotten a malware off of the internet the problem has got to be with the drive or the way the Genuine Intel motherboard interfaces with the drive. I have a number of drives in both PATA and SATA so maybe I should swap in another one before I button this up. The thing with these homebuilt PC's is that there always seems to be one more thing.