Re: DVD-RW drive question

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When you boot with the DVD disk inserted, you are reading it with the BIOS.
Windows may not see this.

Go to the Windows Device Manager to see if the DVD drive is enabled.

Watson! I think you are on to something!

What may have happened is that I set the BIOS to read the optical drive as the first boot drive. So if it does not see a bootable disc it refuses to see that optical drive after the operating system is running. Or something like that.

I just got me a copy of Windows Vista 64 Bit Home Premium and I was wondering about something else here.

I got two desktop computers that I put together out of parts from I sort of messed up a little bit and have the "old" 1.86 CPU in the better motherboard with the better video card and the "new" 2.5 CPU in the generic Foxconn microATX motherboard with the one generation older video card. But to tear them bother apart and then reassemble them with all of the best bits in one box and all of the second best bits in the other box would take about four hours.

I can only install the WV64BHP on one machine because I only have one license and do not cheat.

So that leaves me with three distinct choices

1) Put it on the one with the best MB but second best CPU

2) Put it on the one with the best CPU

3) disassemble and reassemble both boxes to get the bits squared away and then put it on the best one

I do not do any high power demanding applications so the difference between the CPU probably does not matter that much in the overall picture.

The difference in the MB is mainly that one has PCI E 2.0 and a 9 series video card and the other only has PCI-E and an 8 series video card. They both have 4GB of DDR2 800 memory so there is no difference in that regard.

Decisions, decisions.

Thanks again.