Re: How to Hide Drive in Vista and Still Be Able to Use it.

Phil B.;1107688 Wrote:
In XP I could use TweakUI to hide a disk drive from the kids and was
able to use the hidden drive. There is no TweakUI for Vista and I've
to hide a drive with registry
and via command prompt (using diskpart). The problem is that both ways
hidden drives that are not usable. It's as if they truely do not exist.
anyone tell me is it possible to hide a drive in Vista and still be
able to
use it, and if so, how?


Hello Phil,
You are supposed to be able to get TweakUI working in Vista.
Go here and take a look, i dont know if it will help, or work, i have
never tried it, but it just might cure your problem.
Good luck and post your results.

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