Re: SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio Blue Screen and Driver Proble

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"Bonyak" <Bonyak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:B73C4D40-073B-431A-A256-8AA440A3E2AE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am having a problem with this built in sound card by Analog Devices on my
ASUS Motherboard. I keep getting a blue screen on restart that Id's the audio
card driver as a problem. I went to ASUS and downloaded the drivers for vista
32bit uninstalled the card and it seemed to be working except for linein on
the rear plugs is not available. The front plugs for speaker give an
electronic sound as if interference from another source. I have used the
update driver and get back my driver is up to date. I used the trouble
shooting from windows no help. I am Vista ultimate 32 SP2 Operating system. I
am using voice recoginition for operating the system and had one failure from
that software with no repeat.

If anyone can help Thank You.


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