Re: Cannot change drive letter via Disk management

Its is most likely an ownership issue as the XP drive is NTFS.

This solution is for XP, but the steps are the same in Vista.

David Vair

"Krakapo" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4ece9866ee7411ca4150f83ef3739d4d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All - XP PC died, taken the hard drive and placed into external USB cage
and plugged into Vista laptop. I cannot see it in My computer but under
disk management I can see it as a disk and a healthy operating
partition, but it has no drive letter and I am unable to change the
drive letter as the only option I have is the delete command. My
presumption is that as this was the master boot record on my XP PC, this
is the reason why I cannot change the drive letter? But I am unsure.

I have 90% of the data backed up on a seperate USB drive, but it's the
10% especially some recent video and photos that I want off the drive.