Re: Change disk drive letter?

Colin Barnhorst;755596 Wrote:
What is the "it" that doesn't show up?

If both F: and G: are assigned to devices, in order to swap F: with G:
need to go through several steps. You cannot directly swap them in
move. No biggie, but you have to do it that way. First set F: to any
currently unused letter, say W:. Then set G: to F:. Last set W: to
G:. If
either of the devices are in use, you will need to reboot in between
it will work. You will see a message to that effect if it is a
Naturally you want to remove any cds from the cd drive first.

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PaulB;755479 Wrote:> > > > >
Type computer in the start ord search window and select computer
Then select disk management. Right click on the CD drive and select
drive letter.


"feeny" wrote:> > > >

Tried that, but it doesn't even show up.

feeny > >
paul when i right click to change letter of drive i get no such option
i just get analyze and defragment