Re: Upgrade Processor

Yes you can. Vista should sort itself out and you should not have to reinstall or reactivate. Just simply shut down, change CPU and heatsink, make sure everything is connected (take the opportunity to do a good clean out!!!), turn on the PC and sit back for a few minutes. Any new drivers required, Vista will go get by itself.
Cari (MS-MVP)
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"James DeLoach" <jasdel49@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ban675lcdv1dsr7j6a0q2a0l6m6rsh80s2@xxxxxxxxxx
Can I change my processor from a dual core to a quad core on
a motherboard that supports quad core running vista 64 ultimate
without having to re-install the my OS? Also, will replacing the
CPU trigger a call to Microsoft to revalidate. I'm thinking of
replacing my Intel E6600 dual core with an Intel Q9550
quad core.