Re: bootable memory stick?

AFAIK if you have a HDD or equivalent that your MOBO bios will recognize at boot time over a USB interface as a bootable device then you should be able to install on it,
The problem is that very few MOBO BIOS have this support,

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That is NOT installing Vista on a USB memory stick - at all! All you're doing is placing the install files on a memory stick.

Note to OP. You can not install Vista on a memory stick, or any other USB connected drive and have a bootable operating system.

Vista must be installed to an internal hard drive.


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Hello Propman,

This can show you how to create one with Vista. You can use a Vista ISO
or XP ISO file to create one using OPTION ONE.

Hope this helps,

propman;1042649 Wrote:
Howdy all.....:-)

Looking for any information on prefered method for installing XP and/or
Vista *to* a USB (8 gig) memory stick. The stick is to be used for
troubleshooting purposes (ie booting up and scanning inoperative

Any pointers, url's etc would be most appreciated....thanks!


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