Re: Vista and ATI 8.5 Display driver atikmdag crashes

I will try the MS driver as well, though it irks me that ATI can't get
it right. I have a one-year old quad-core system. Quality components,
very simple, very stable, good power supply, no excess heat (GPU 37
degrees C), no over-clocking, running Vista 32-bit. The motherboard is
an Asus P5K-V. I do not play games. I recently upgraded to a
dual-monitor system, which required more than the integrated graphics,
so I got the Radeon Sapphire HD4670, another simple mid-level solution
that would provide two DVI outputs at any normal resolution. (Somewhat
reluctantly, remembering other ATI cards in systems and years past.) I
installed the latest stable driver (8.12). Now I am experiencing _daily_
crashes with the atikmdag display driver message. This is highly
frustrating. ATI support says to check hardware issues, and attempts to
put the blame on any and everything else in the system. For many
enthusiasts who tinker with their systems this will result in them
thinking "Hmm, I must have done something wrong here." I don't buy it.
In my system the only change was the ATI card, so it is the problem.
Looks like the tradition of shoddy engineering, incompetent programming
and poor customer service is alive and well at ATI/AMD today.

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