Re: Vista x64 BSODs

Try swapping out the power supply. Random crashes with different error messages are nearly always a hardware issue. If you've check the memory and integrity of the hard drives, then the next most likely components are the power supply, motherboard, and processor (and that's the order in which I check them usually).

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"Barry" <bwentzel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:552387BB-0FCD-4995-A1E5-6E28AFA21FF4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I keep having BSODs in Vista Ultimate 64bit Home version. The BSODs happen all the time, without any noticeable pattern. I've had it happen opening iTunes, opening Windows Explorer, opening various apps. And it doesn't just happen while they are opening. I'll be listening to several songs in a row in iTunes when it crashes. Also, I've had it occur just booting up, so heat can be ruled out as well. Here is the error code:

0x00000101 - 0XFFFFFA6001963180.

I have swapped out the memory, reseated all of my cards, etc. Updated to the latest drivers, etc.

Here is what I have in my system:

AMD Phenom 9600
ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI motherboard
4 Gb OCZ DDR2 1066 (on the qvl)
1 XFX Geforce 9600 GT
1 Patriot 64 Gb SSD as windrive
2 Samsung 750 Gb SATA hdd in RAID 0 attached to Rosewill RC-211 SATA 2 port PCI-e RAID controller
2 Samsung 500 Gb SATA hdd attached separately as data drives
2 LG 16x SATA DVD burners attached to Rosewill RC-201 SATA 2 port PCI controller
2 LG 52x IDE CD burner

17 total fans in the case, so cooling is not a problem.

I had this same system running smoothly under XP but decided to upgrade to Vista to use the full 4 Gb of memory. I do heavy video editing and will be upgrading to a new Core i7 system next month, but want to know what in the heck is going on with this system because I will be passing this PC down to my kids, minus some drives, etc.