Re: Missing Hard Drive with Windows Vista Ultimate

January 2009

I have the same issue on a HP DV9810us Laptop running Vista SP1.

On this laptop, if I put a Western Digital 120G hard drive in the
second bay, it dissapears when resuming from sleep.

I discovered that if I put a Toshiba 120G drive in the second bay
instead, this problem doesn't appear!!

With the WD drive, I tried setting the sleep time to "Never", but this
didn't make any difference.

On further investigation (both drives are known to be good), it turns
out that the WD drive use the default Microsoft SATA device handler,
where as the Toshiba drive uses it's own device driver.

This definitely points to a MS SATA device driver issue.

MS SATA Driver details:
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Driver Date: 6/21/2006

I tried running "Driver Update", but Microsoft reported that this was
the most up to date driver at this time (January 14th 2009)

Western Digital doesn't provide any updated drivers (or any drivers for
that matter) from their web site.