Re: Can't Install 1TB Hard Drives

Put the Samsung and a Western Digital software in the A: Drive and start your PC. the software will give you help. If you do not have a A: Drive Buy one!!!!!

"Terry Smerling" <smerling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:0A6B267F-ED46-41BE-B672-33816738BB19@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have tried unsuccessfully to install two different 1 TB hard drives -- a Samsung and a Western Digital; and each time I could not get my system to "see" the drive. Instead, my system reports a 32mb drive. I have a fairly new system with Windows Vista factory-loaded on it. My goal is to reinstall Vista onto the new drive. When I attempt to install Vista, the Vista install program likewise reports that the new drive is only 32mb. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Could it be a BIOS problem?