Re: Authentec update causes Fingerprint reader to no longer work

"coladan1" wrote:

Thanks for the tip. My settings were correct...I just thought I was
doing the right thing by installing the optional update for my device. Won't
make that mistake again.

"DL" wrote:

And reset your winupdate settings to only download/install critical updates,
not driver updates, which you should only obtain from manufacturers sites,
in your case Lenovo

"coladan1" <coladan1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I need some help and hopefully can find it here. I have a Lenovo 300 N100
Notebook running OmniPass. On my last windows update, an update was
installed to the Authentec Fingerprint device driver and now, the
reader does not work. I would like to get things up and running again,
do not know how. Can anyone come up with a way to get things working
Thanks fo the help

Steve C.