Re: Automatically Duplicate 2 Internal Drives

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I am about to purchase a new Dell Vista 64-bit system. I originally intended to have a pair of 500gb to 640gb hard drives in a Raid 1 configuration, so I would have automatic duplication of both OS and data files. If one drive failed, I could just swap in the other, and be good to go.

The particular system I'm looking at doesn't offer a Raid 1 configuration, only Raid 0. The system is otherwise exactly what I want, at a very good price, so I'm trying to figure out an efficient work-around. Systems that do come with Raid 1 installed and active just don't have the hardware I'm wanting.

Basically, I want to accomplish the same thing as Raid 1 - have 2 identical internal hard drives, including all OS files, boot files, partitions, etc. so the duplicate could be swapped in if the primary one were to fail. Is there a utility that will automatically do this, or one that I can schedule to do this on a daily basis, for example at night?

If so, I would buy the system with a single HD, purchase a second HD myself (cheaper than from Dell directly), and then just install and use the utility to duplicate the primary drive, and have it automatically update it on a nightly basis, so I don't have to think about it.

Any suggestions on an efficient way to accomplish this, and the tools/utilities needed?



Getting a system with an installed Raid 0 configuration would require me to reformat/reinstall everything to switch to Raid 1, which is possible, but a time consuming task I'd rather avoid if possible.

Getting a system with a single HD, and no Raid active, and then installing the 2nd drive, and activating Raid 1 is apparently not a simple task. From what I've read, it might require cloning to a 3rd drive, wiping the 2 drives, then activating the Raid 1 from the BIOS, copying the image to the Raid 1 system, etc., etc. Not a very elegant solution.

It is unlikely that you'll be able to destripe the array onto itself, for the same reason that any data recovery procedure is carried out by definitely writing on another disk.
I wonder why manufacturers do not install on a single disk leaving the choice to the user of building their striped disk (very trivial, just add the second drive basically).
Why don't you inquire Dell for shipping a system like that (I know that Dell customizes their systems somewhat)?