Windows FAX & Scan and Canon MP780

I have an MP780 attached directly to my Vista Ultimate box and I'm trying to get the FAX function going as the FAX software that came with the 780 is not Vista-compatible. I have full scan, copy and print functionality, and it appears that Vista recognizes the 780 FAX functionality because I was able to add "Canon MP780 FAX" as a device in Control Panel->Printers. It shows as ready.

OTOH, Windows FAX and Scan appears not to see the 780 FAX as either a local (which I think would be correct as the 780 is physically connected to the box via USB and also connected to a phone jack) or a network FAX device. If I connect the 780 to an XP box, using the Canon-supplied software, I have no issues sending FAXes.

So, what am I missing here? Seems odd that Vista can see it, but the FAX & Scan applet cannot.

Any insights or advice gratefully welcomed, except suggestions that I switch to Linux, downgrade to XP or buy a new multi-function device.
Why? 'Cause I'm a cheapskate and the 780 performance is great and the non-chip ink cartridges are cheap compared to the newer ones. All printing, photo work, copying and scanning is fine. I'm gonna use it until it falls apart :-)