Re: SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio

"Aaronb" <Aaronb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A5F50C0F-5356-4C6C-A219-0D74B239B026@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
After loading Vista Ultimate on my machine I keep losing my sound. The sound
works when the SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio driver is installed, but
"automagically" that driver gets removed and the RealTek 97 AUdio driver gets
installed. I have to go to Device Manager and remove the driver and then
search for new hardware to reinstall the SoundMax drive.

Any ideas on how to lock the driver so it won't keep doing this? - download the utility here (you have to register/pay - but only $30.00 USD, it scans your system for the correct drivers for *your* specific system. It may help locate the proper driver for you.