Re: Acer Orbicam

"McDoogie" <doug@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:47244C7E-077D-4842-B6A7-D10C0E3CBC2B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I've been struggling with Acer OrbiCam for over a year. Cannot adjust it
with Acer software so resort to Windows Live Instant Messenger which permits
minimal adjustment. In Instant Messenger however if I try to use the
Advanced Settings panel everything shuts down ! Acer now finally admit that
the Cam is to be used/intended for still photo clips only !!!...You belive
that garbage folks ? If one wants to use it for Video or as a Instant
Messenger Cam then Acer advise that we use 3rd. party software...which they
will not support. Anyone know of software other than Microsoft IM that we
can use to adjust the Cam settings ?...Thanks: Doug.

Acer Orbicam is a generic name that Acer uses for many different webcams from many different manufacturers. All the Acer computers I've tested that came with Vista and have a built in webcam work fine. Some older models that came with XP don't work as well. Did your computer come with Vista? What is the model number?

Kerry Brown
MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Systems Administration