Re: DVD not working after failed SP1 install

had to say thank you, you saved my saturday evening, I spent the whole day
trying to sort this problem out. Thanks again.

"gerryf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" wrote:

in control panel, programs and features, uninstall all things roxio and

After competely uninstall, go to device manager, right click the optical
drive, choose uninstall.

Reboot. On reboot windows will reinstall the default drivers

"Andy G" <georgi66@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Yeah, Device Manager shows the drive with the yellow exclamation mark, and
says no drivers installed. Before the attempted SP1 update it was fine so
I guess the install somehow trashed the drivers.

When I try to "Update Driver", it fails with an error message as follows:

"Found driver software but encountered an error whilst trying to install
Roxio cdr4
System cannot find the file specified".

I believe the Roxio file is something to do with CD/DVD burning software,
and I know it is present in the drivers directory.

Does this help?


"tanuj_chadha" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Did you try to update the drivers for the drive through device manager ?



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